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Advisory Board

The UTS Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre focuses its research on the analysis of civil societies using multidisciplinary perspectives to investigate the practices that are crucial to enabling social cohesion and change in cosmopolitan societies.

The Advisory Board fills an important function by assisting the Centre to identify current issues and needs within civil society. Its members offer a range of positions from which to expand CCS’s perception of key social issues and how these should be addressed in terms of joint knowledge creation.

The role of the Advisory Board is:

To advise on the direction of the Centre

To assist the coordinating committee in reviewing the Centre’s performance to date

To attend two (½ day) meetings per year

To deliver one short (5 min) presentation on their organizations’ work and relevant research

To contribute a seminar or a public presentation to the CCS program .

Board Members 2012

Dr Denis Byrne, Manager, Research Section, Cultural Heritage Division, NSW Department of Environment and Conservation NSW;

Prof Stephen Castles, Research Chair in Sociology, University of Sydney;

Dr Leanne Dowse, Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Social Science Degree, School of Social Sciences and International Studies, UNSW;

Darryl French, Program Manager Aboriginal Studies, Tranby Aboriginal College;

Lisa Harvey, Energetica, Website development and providers of technology advice to Not-For-Profit organisations.

Miriam Lyons, Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Development;

Brad McCarroll, Sports Consultant, Mutual Sport;

Paul Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council;

Susana Ng, Manager of Social Planning, Access & Community Development City of Sydney;

Alison Peters, Director, Council of Social Service, NSW (NCOSS)

Violet Roumeliotis, Executive Director, Metro Migrant Resource Centre;

Amanda Tattersall, Unions NSW;

Geoff Young, Associate Lecturer, Dept of Sociology, Macquarie University and specialist in Education for Sustainability.