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International Women’s Day

by on March 3, 2014

International Women’s Day seems to have become somewhat tamed, domesticated, a celebration of nice, sometimes grand achievements. Fine! But the fight has gone out of it, as if the battle is won. Some things have certainly been achieved, but other arenas are well and truly still battlegrounds. Misogyny is alive and well, in our parliaments, in our workplaces, in our communities. Domestic violence has reached epidemic proportions.

It is misogyny that permits the kind of abusive caricatures and innuendos that were directed at Julia Gillard, our brave and much maligned first woman Prime Minister. Indeed Eva Cox is asking  “ Is it time for a new revolution in feminism? “.

At the Older Women’s Network Festival of idea this Friday March 7th we will not be celebrating! We are Protesting! We will be regaled by such feisty feminists  as Wendy Bacon, Meredith Burgmann, Eva Cox, Adele Horin, and  Irina Dunn. Together we will examine whether misogyny is alive and well (it is) and what we should do about it.  How do we confront such irrational and unjustified denigrations? The intent obviously is to keep women in their place, whatever that is deemed to be, or to put them back into it if they have been optimistic enough to climb out of it. Clearly the fight is not over until women everywhere are treated with the same respect and opportunity  as men. It is time we developed some new strategies.

Posted on behalf of Jenny Onyx. For details of the event, contact her on

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