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by on December 18, 2013

CosmoBlogs are posted by members of the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre at the University of Technology, Sydney.  As a centre, we are committed to the challenge of developing cosmopolitan societies founded on diversity, justice and peace. We work at the intersection of conflict and cohesion, investigating how divisions can be reconfigured for new forms of dialogue, recognition and inclusion. As practitioners our starting point is that civil societies can only be understood in specific contexts, in their particular interactions and dynamics. We recognise that civil societies and cosmopolitanisms only exist insofar as they are enacted through social action. We are thereby focused on the agency of contending players in social change and transformation, and specifically with the possibilities and problems of leadership in communities, agencies and organisations in promoting cosmopolitanism.

Blog entries are posted in one of the research program areas:

  • Alternative Cosmopolitanisms
  • Cultural Life and Events
  • Environment and Society
  • Human Rights, Inclusion and Communication
  • Knowledge-sharing and Information
  • Indigeneity and Power
  • Migration, Diversity and Racism
  • Sport and Social Issues
  • Strengthening Civil Societies

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